This “dirty little secret” about the real estate business can make the difference between selling your land quickly at a fair price or sitting on it for months on end.

If you have land to sell, you really have only two choices: Sell it yourself or list it with a Realtor.

Selling land with a Realtor can have many advantages—faster sale, fairer price, and the convenience of having someone else take care of the work for you. But this can happen only if you know one important secret: Most Realtors don’t like selling land!

You see, the reason is pretty simple. For the average Realtor, land is not a profitable sale. It takes almost as much effort as selling a house, but yields only a fraction of the commission. As a result, most Realtors don’t invest the time and advertising dollars required to get your land in front of eager buyers. And because they tend to avoid dealing with land, they don’t have the experience needed to give your property the representation and support it deserves.

Grant Realty specializes in land sales. As part of Grant Homes, a long-respected home builder in the Poconos, Grant Realty knows the area land business better than anyone. We have the proven experience of putting land buyers and sellers together. By specializing in land, we have streamlined the process. With Grant Realty you can be confident that your land will sell faster and at a fairer price.

The Pocono real estate market is hot and land is in demand. Now is the time to take advantage of selling your land. We have buyers lined up to buy land—your land. Call us today at 800-468-2537 to learn more about how Grant Realty can help you convert your land to cash.